Kylie Minogue Rakes In $1.8 Million Performing For Bankers

News of the World reports Kylie Minogue received $1.8 million for performing just 40-minutes at the exclusive holiday resort of Sitges in Spain for a bunch of executives from Deutsche Bank. “Kylie was pretty shocked when they asked her to perform, but she would have been mad to turn it down for that money,” a source explained. “And the audience couldn’t believe it when the surprise act was Kylie. They loved every minute of it.”

Kylie Set To Work With The Scissor Sisters

July 15, 2004 – The Mirror reports that Kylie Minogue is apparently desperate to spend some time in the studio with the Scissor Sisters. “She’s definitely going into the studio so they can work on material together,” a spokesman at Minogue’s label revealed. “We think it’ll be a great combination. It’s come about because Kylie and the Scissor Sisters just love each other’s work.”

Kylie Pondering Pop Retirement

July 11, 2004 – News of the World reports Kylie Minogue has been telling pals that she’s all set to throw in the towel after one final album of new material, a Greatest Hits package and a farewell tour. “Kylie has decided to make Olivier her number one priority – and that means giving up her job,” a source explained. “She’s been thinking about the right time to quit and has decided now is it.”

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One thought on “Kylie Minogue Rakes In $1.8 Million Performing For Bankers

  1. BurningRanger says:

    Body Language follows Fever, Kylie Minogue’s biggest album to date (in terms of sales, buzz, exposure). Of course that’s going to be hard to top. The entire album and its spawn has sold 3.5 million copies, about a third of Fever. In context with Fever, not quite a roaring success. But when you put it up against the rest of her albums, it’s not too bad AT ALL. I think she has at least a couple more albums left in her. It’ll be sad to see her go but she’ll be going out on top.

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