Kylie Minogue Reportedly Considering Mastectomy

The Daily Mail reports that has been joined by her mother Carol in Paris as the singer recovers from breast cancer and considers the possibility of a mastectomy. “At this time I think any woman in the world would want their mum with them and likewise there is nowhere her mum would rather be – Kylie and her mother are incredibly close,” a close friend told the tabloid. “[Kylie’s boyfriend Olivier Martinez] has been tremendously supportive. He has cancelled every project that he can and is spending so much time with Kylie, keeping her spirits up – but obviously she wants her family around her as well.”

Kylie Denies Alternative Therapy Claim

October 22, 2005 – AAP reports that denying claims she’s suffered dramatic weight loss and was seeking alternative forms of therapy. “Kylie Minogue’s management have today said that despite the wealth of rumors to the contrary, she is in good spirits and is as healthy as can be expected whilst undergoing her treatment regime in Paris,” her record label EMI said.

Kylie Weak And Emotionally-Drained Battling Cancer

October 16, 2005 – Kylie Minogue’s great uncle Dennis Riddiford spoke with The Sunday Mirror about the singer’s ongoing battle with breast cancer. “It has been very tough for her, very draining,” Riddiford said. “She has found the treatment very hard. And she has found it difficult coming to terms with the fact she has lost her hair. But she is a strong girl and she has made a joke out of it and is treating it as an opportunity to have a different hairstyle.” The 77-year-old added, “The chemotherapy seems to be working – she is halfway through her treatment and has a couple of months left. But still it won’t be over – you never ever know when or if it might come back.”

The full story at has since been removed.

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