Kylie Minogue Says Prince Albert Groped Her Bottom!

The Sun’s Dominic Mohan spoke with Kylie Minogue following the World Music Awards where the singer revealed Prince Albert of Monaco had fondled her bottom. Kylie said, “It was enough of a shock for him to pick me up in the first place but I certainly didn’t expect him to be all hands. It was a bit embarrassing, although he acted like nothing had happened.” As for rumors she’d had plastic surgery on her bum, Kylie insisted it was nonsense: “I really don’t do anything to my backside. I don’t use lotions or anything like that. I work hard, I run around a lot and I dance when I have to. But that’s it.”

World Music Awards Honor Enrique, Kylie,

March 7, 2002 – was the big winner at the World Music Awards in Monaco on Wednesday. The top selling singer got awards for ‘Best-Selling British Artist’, ‘Best Pop Female’, and ‘Best Adult Contemporary’. Other winners included Enrique Iglesias, who was named ‘Best-Selling Male Latin Star’ and ‘Best-Selling Pop Male’, while Kylie Minogue was named ‘Best-Selling Australian Artist’. Also on hand were and host Jennifer Love Hewitt.

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