Kylie Minogue Suffers Breakdown

The Sun reports Kylie Minogue has been ordered by her mother to cancel everything for a month and stay with her in Australia to cut themselves off from the world and study Aboriginal spiritual teachings. An insider revealed, “Kylie is so worn out, both physically and mentally, she just can’t go on. She didn’t realize she was suffering a breakdown until Carol demanded she get back to Australia to see her. This has been the busiest year of her life and she’s also gone through the mill with James. Some stuff that’s been said has really knocked her about mentally. It’s been very draining.” Read more.

Update: Kylie Minogue’s record company tells Radio 1 that reports in The Sun saying the singer is suffering from nervous exhaustion after breaking down on the set of her video shoot in Paris are “all a load of rubbish.” Kylie is just on holiday with her parents and the trip was planned ages ago.

Kylie Minogue Musical Is On The Way

September 12, 2002 – The Herald Sun reports Kylie Minogue has a musical based on her own hits on her future agenda. The production, with the working title of ‘Should Be So Lucky’, could be about 2-3 years away, but would feature around 20 Kylie songs and would be in a similar vein to the Queen stage musical ‘We Will Rock You.’ Kylie is reportedly very keen on the concept, especially as it would not actually require a daily commitment from her.

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