Kylie Minogue Visits TRL

Kylie Minogue stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live on Wednesday where she talked about her outfit, her plans to return to Australia for Christmas, her new DVD, the GQ photo shoot with Nelly, and she played a game with one of her fans, and answered a fan question about which music acts she’s listening to. Read on for a transcript.

Carson: Time for our first guest one of the most creative people in music from her albums to dance moves to dancers to her wardrobe or lack of. Say hi to Kylie Minogue.


Carson: You’ll see what I’m sayin’.


Carson: Come on over and say hi to everybody.

Kylie: Hi, everyone


Carson: Holy macral how are ya.

Kylie: Well a you.

Carson: Happy holidays you look gosh, look at you you look like a million bucks.

Kylie: Ha-ha a Christmas tree right.

Carson: What is this?

Kylie: Uhm, this is actually

[Inaudible] A designer from London.

Carson: It looks like you are wearing a really attractive harp.

Kylie: Or the curtains.

Carson: Yes. Or the curtains. Happy holidays to you.

Kylie: And you, and everyone


Carson: Great to have you I guess now in Australia it is summer; right?

Kylie: I’m going home for Christmas and heading home to say between 0 and a hundred degrees.

Carson: It will be a hundred when you get back hem because it is summer there.

Kylie: Possibly.

Carson: What do you do in new york when it is freezing?

Kylie: I’m not pretty in the winter my nose gets so cold — i actually look a lot like Kenny from South Park with this huge thing and waddle around.

Carson: Just time for Christmas you said you will be home putting out this D.V.D..

Kylie: Yeah.

Carson: Everybody is saying house racy and sexy it is.

Kylie: They are? They are.

Carson: Yeah, that’s the word on the subway this morning.

Kylie: It’s just my little show. I –.

Carson: Your little show is hot, hot, hot


Kylie: It’s one of the concerts we did this year shot in Manchester and some behind-the-scenes footage.

Carson: Do you so many concerts why that.

Kylie: The scheduling namely but — i just saw a stocking with my name on it.

Kylie: Carson yeah we got you one.

Kylie: Very amazing crowd very vocal and boisterous.

Carson: And this photo shoot for GQ with Nelly.

Kylie: Yes.

Carson: What happened on this photo shoot there’s one of the pictures that’s very, very tame rumor has it there’s a bunch that are very hot yet again what was going on.

Kylie: I’m not sure if he was a bit shy with me. I thought hey you’re gonna do a million of these so, hey, get ready. He’s got loads of bling bling, millions of clothes two dresses by the which were stunning soy didn’t have a problem. The photographer was like Nelly you go there and Kylie you hurl yourself I’m doing that a lot of this, that and another and this

[Inaudible] Next to me. Had to just reassure him that, you know.

Carson: Talk slower how did you reassure him.

Kylie: I said if there’s anything uncomfortable you’re with because I was getting quite close to him, let me know.

Carson: He was a good looking good right.

Kylie: It wasn’t that difficult. I was a big fan i got to choose who I wanted to be photographed with and I said Nelly.

Carson: We have to take a break but a big show tonight we’ll explain. There is a big show we’ll chat with her and continue with Wednesday’s top 10 most requested videos what a Dresden Selg also on the program and we’ll be right back live in new york right after this:


Carson: Welcome back. ‘Hope you are havin’ a good holiday season Carson Daly inside the fans have come out to see us, thank you for watching. We’ll get to the top 10 momentarily. Put your hands together for nia also from Australia. Nice to have you. She will help us with our birthday board momentarily but first Kylie action plain you are doing “miracle on 34th street

Christmas, joyous event and i recognize this girl she’s a super-fan from Australia she’s seen me a million times. You might have to tell me the middle names, as well, to get the tickets.

Carson: Have you been able to do anything fun here in new york.

Kylie: I love new york it’s amazing.

Carson: Nice to go to a holiday show tonight with Kylie there are a bunch of birthday, I don’t know you if realize this Christina Aguilera, Brad Pitt and Katie Holmes, the ages are mixed. We know Christina is not 59 years old. So we’ll ask you to help out Kylie and match those and if you do you’ll get the tickets that easy. Are you ready?

Fan: Okay.

Carson: How about a little music and you can begin.

Carson: Christina is 22.

Kylie: You’ve got to help me out here.

Fan: DMX down there.


Carson: You got it. That was a perfect five for five match there. Brad Pitt 39,

[Inaudible] Congratulations, enjoy the show tonight. Let’s go ahead and get into Mariah Carey “Through the Rain” at 8 and more with Kylie after this on TRL


Carson: No. 8 today, she was 9 yesterday. Outside the window is Lala with a fan of hers. How is the weather.

Lala: — I am here in times square it is crazy hangin’ out with Jason who is Kylie’s biggest fan. How long have you been waiting out here.

Fan: I’ve been waiting so long for you Kylie, I love so much.

Lala: He really, really loves her.

Lala: Since you are are biggest fan you get to ask her anything, anything you want to know.

Fan: I know Madonna and Pink really loves your music what i like to know what music you are currently listens to right now.

Carson: That’s you what really want to know.

Kylie: That’s it?!

Carson: I was waiting for something really good.

Kylie: Yeah.

Carson: What kind of music are you listening to?

Kylie: Currently Ms Dynamite from London have you heard of her?

Carson: No, but go ahead


Kylie: You will hear of her I’ll tell thaw much and Missy Elliott.


Carson: Let me ask one good one for you Jason, uhm what do you sleep in


Carson: Tonight when you go to bed before you crawl in, what will you be wearing?

Kylie: Ha-ha.

Carson: You if want to stay right there, that’s fine, too.

Kylie: That all depends, ha-ha.

Carson: Are you blushing is that why you are standing over there.

Kylie: Hiding.

Carson: Pajamas or.

Kylie: It all depends ha-ha.

Carson: Thank you, Jason.

Fan: Yeah.

Kylie: You know what.

Lala: Thank you Kylie.

Kylie: We have — we should bring him inside no?


Carson: I agree he’s so excited

Kylie: All right.

Carson: We’ve got a little stocking you can hang that when you get home to your hundred degree heat in Australia. Merry Christmas.

Kylie: Thank you very much, thank.

Carson: Looking for the DVD in time for the holidays thank you to Kylie

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