Kylie Minogue’s Bottom Joked About At Maxim Awards

The Mirror reports Maxim Women of the Year host Johnny Vaughan joked about Kylie Minogue’s bottom after her win for ‘Best International Singer’ at the show. Vaughan said, “If an alien landed on Earth, he would think Kylie’s arse is the world’s leader. I’m waiting to hear that Kylie’s arse has gone solo. But I’m longing for the day when they will part. And that’s something we would all like to see – Kylie’s arse parting.” While Kylie didn’t attend, her sister Danni did – picking up the ‘Best Stage Performance’ nod and joked of her sis, “I’ve just spoken to Kylie and she’s at home resting her bottom.”

Kylie Minogue Is Unwelcome In Somerset

April 15, 2002 – reports Kylie Minogue is falling victim to a ‘Kylie Out’ campaign by residents of Somerset. The singer recently checked out a 1,650-acre estate in north Somerset – which has residents fuming that having a star here would mean thousands of fans coming to the quiet neighborhood and spoil the peace.

Bassist Turns Down Kylie Minogue Touring Slot

April 14, 2002 – Sushil Dade claims he was offered to play bass for Kylie Minogue’s upcoming tour, but told the Sunday Express he turned the opportunity down. Sushil admits, “She was looking for a bass player and I was offered six months’ touring. But I decided against it. People think it’s all fun but it can get incredibly boring. I don’t like playing the same songs night after night. I enjoy sitting in my shed with the worms and listening to music while writing my own.”

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