Kylie Minogue’s Tour Makes Madonna’s Look Out Of Touch & Old

Alan Braidwood of Radio 1 reviewed one of Kylie Minogue’s shows at Wembley over the weekend and gave it high praise. Braidwood gushed, “Kylie’s ‘Fever’ tour makes Madonna’s ‘Drowned World’ tour of last year look vain, out of touch and old. That a star like Kylie is humble enough to perform a sexy version of ‘The Locomotion’ shows her sense of humor which her fans love her for. If Andy Warhol was still alive Kylie would be his favorite popstar. Long live the real Queen of Pop!”

Mother-In-Law Approves Of Madonna’s Stage Performance

May 24, 2002 – Madonna’s mother-in-law Shireen Ritchie was on hand at the first night of her ‘Up For Grabs’ play on London’s West End. Shireen tells GMTV, “I thought she was great. I really enjoyed the evening. It was a great atmosphere there.”

Madonna’s Top Pops Open During ‘Up For Grabs’

May 23, 2002 – Ananova reports Madonna’s op came undone without her realizing it during her performance at the West End show ‘Up For Grabs’ on Wednesday. A red-faced managed to laugh it off in the play’s first scene. The dropped black top revealed her tight grey bra.

Makes Home a ‘Fortress’

May 22, 2002 – 2dayuk reports has ordered workmen to turn her home near Shaftsbury, on the Dorset, Wiltshire border in England, into a fortress following a security scare. She and husband Guy Ritchie have insisted that wrought iron gates be erected at the entrance of their £9 million home after three men were spotted acting suspiciously in the grounds.

Madonna Reported To Be Pregnant

May 20, 2002 – The latest Star magazine taps Madonna for being pregnant, though her rep has denied the claims. The tabloid says Madge is four months pregnant. Madonna has always been very secretive about her pregnancies and ultra-cautious about announcing them early,” says a friend. “Before three months, many things can go wrong, especially for a woman of her age. But she’s made no secret of wanting another baby with Guy – and the sooner the better.”

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2 thoughts on “Kylie Minogue’s Tour Makes Madonna’s Look Out Of Touch & Old

  1. alzy says:

    Fever was an imitation of Madonna’s Girly Show from 1993 with more than a few references to the Queen of Pops Blond Ambition tour of 1990. Kylie’s Fever tour came courtesy of Madonna tours of old, she stole Madonna’s blueprint basically of “how to put on a theatrical stage show”, the segmented scenes, dressing men in womens clothes, the video interludes….pure Madonna. To be frank I found it boring, Drowned World was revolutionary, sinister and dark yet thoroughly entertaining as a TRUE show should be. Kylie’s Fever tour was, as is always the case with Kylie, mind numbingly boring pop.

  2. AJ says:

    Kylie is beloved by many people. I agree with this review. Madonna looks for new ways to shock the public for publicity. Kylie doesn’t need scandal to show her true talent. That’s why the world adores her more than Madonna. She is a true blue, friendly girl who does not feel that she is above the everyday person – GO KYLIE!!!!!

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