Lachey’s Sugary ‘SoulO’ Can’t Rise Above 98 Degrees

Nick Lachey 'SoulO' album cover

Renee Graham of the Boston Globe reviewed 98 Degrees star Nick Lachey’s debut solo effort ‘SoulO’, claiming the effort “won’t do much to change his primary public image as the perpetually exasperated husband of a disturbingly dim wife.”

Graham said, “Lachey wrote or co-wrote eight of the album’s 12 tracks, and even if his isn’t the most compelling voice, he could — with the right producers and writers — make an interesting pop album. ‘SoulO’ isn’t it. Still, if it isn’t as engaging as Justin Timberlake’s ‘Justified,’ at least it isn’t as jarringly bad as Nick Carter’s ‘Now or Never.”

9 Things You Don’t Know About Nick Lachey & Jessica Simpson

November 11, 2003 – Star magazine has 9 secrets you didn’t know about Jessica Simpson and hubby Nick Lachey of 98 Degrees, including that they are competitive. But that’s a good thing. “We have a healthy competition. We encourage and challenge each other,” Simpson says. “But our careers are different. Look at Faith Hill and Tim McGraw. They sing the same type of music, but totally differently.”

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4 thoughts on “Lachey’s Sugary ‘SoulO’ Can’t Rise Above 98 Degrees

  1. Stallion says:

    At least it isn’t as jarringly bad as Nick Carter’s “Now or Never.” ^So true Nick Carter solo album was an embarrassment to music. No wonder the album was such a big flop. At least this Nick can actually sing to bad we all can’t say the same about Nick Carter. I hope Nick Lachey do well with this album because he can actually sing but I doubt he will. Good luck Nick I have a feeling that you are going to need it.

  2. B0rntoplay says:

    Uh oh, here comes an all out boy band war.

  3. elgato says:

    Let’s see, you’ve got the Boston Globe judging music… Rolling Stone gave Nick’s album the same amount of stars as Justin Timberlake. and the Boston Globe didn’t even review nick’s album so what are they talking about

  4. Stallion says:

    I’m just stating the fact Nick Carter solo album was sh**. That is why it was a major flop. I’m not just saying this as a fan of N’sync but everybody saw how poorly NON did on the chart. I wonder how much dicks Nick Carter had to suck to let jive let him do another album that will probably be a flop.

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