Lady Gaga Backstage With Katy Perry In Marseille

Lady Gaga gives Katy Perry a kissLady Gaga ‘Transmission Gaga-vision’ episode 36 features the pop singer admitting she can’t see very well through her trademark sunglasses, which was displayed during an encounter with Ellen DeGeneres.

Asked if she could see through her crystal glasses as seen on ‘The Fame’ cover, Lady Gaga said, “No. Actually I’m blind in the last minute of every show. I guess Ellen was trying to wave me down and I didn’t see her. I caught her eventually.”

Lady Gaga says she can't see through her crystal sunglassesGaga also admitted to a pre-show wardrobe malfunction, explaining, “During soundcheck my boob popped out of my blazer, and Ellen saw them but said they were very nice and that she would always remember me. She was like, ‘Oh, they’re already on the internet right now. I already posted it.’ She’s so nice. I was mortified.”

Then, Lady Gaga is seen hanging out with in Marseille, France. Gaga had just performed, and offered Perry some advice on what to tell the French audience as she got ready to go out onstage.

Watch the webisode via YouTube below.

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3 thoughts on “Lady Gaga Backstage With Katy Perry In Marseille

  1. nikh says:

    I love both of them… I think they are good friends…

  2. Tommy says:

    I personally am disgusted with Katy Perry after her comment on Lady Gaga’s music video for Alejandro. She stated that “using blasphemy for entertainment is as cheap as a comedian using fart jokes”. Alejandro was dedicated to us the gay community. So personally I take offense to any negative criticism because no other artists would dare to do what gaga did. she stood up for a community of people who are tormented, judged, and treated so unfairly. Katy perry should think before she speaks. or is she to busy singing about how gay someone is? The song Ur So Gay sucked and was really rude. She’s as fake as acrylic nails so grow up Perry, I like your music but I hate you as an individual.

  3. Little Monster x says:

    Awww ! But I doubt Katy actually meant that twitter comment at Lady Gaga because she know we little monsters will rip her to shreds, I personally wouldn’t because she means well :) But Katy & GaGa are good friends, snuff for GaGa to give Katy a prezzie!!!! Yeah, Gaga DID give Katy a present!!!!

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