Lady Gaga Discusses Her Fashion Choices

CNN’s Alina Cho talks to Lady Gaga about her musical appeal and style during a segment aired on Thursday’s ‘American Morning’. Asked about how she decides what to wear, the ‘Poker Face’ singer responded, “For me, it’s important to always keep that connection with my fans. So no matter what I’m wearing, whether it’s high fashion that it was on the runway last week or it’s a leather jack that I found at a vintage shop, I need to create things and wear things that they can always replicate.”

But when Cho pointed out that most people in the world can’t afford or locate some of her eyeraising attire, Gaga said, “It is not exactly true. The last thing you want to do as an artist is create something that feels like you can’t touch it, or you don’t deserve it, or I can’t have that. My hair bow, you can make a hair bow for $2.” Watch the report, also featuring Cyndi Lauper, via below the cut.

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