Lady Gaga Discusses Her ‘Poker Face’ Video

Lady Gaga talks about her 'Poker Face' music videoLady Gaga ‘Transmission Gaga-vison’ episode 19 features the pop singer prepping her new single ‘Poker Face’ and celebrating her single ‘Just Dance’ going platinum in Australia.

“Zoom in on that so we get a close up of all the guys with me,” Gaga said on the phone to someone probably editing the video. “We shot in like crazy HD, so it should be perfect, and it looked amazing. The energy of that dance is insane and it’s really gonna put a real pop finish on everything. I want this to feel like fashion pop.”

“I knew I wanted it to be sexy, so I thought no pants, because that’s sexy,” Lady Gaga explained. “And I knew I wanted it to be futuristic, so I thought shoulder pads, because that’s my thing. I wanted it to be new a shoulder pad, but I wanted it to be low cut and open like a bathing suit because the video takes place outdoors by a pool. I wanted it to be theatrical so I added a collar. I made it electric blue because I wanted it to be pop.””

Watch the clip below.

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