Lady Gaga Discusses The Brits, Pop Art & Vanity talked with Lady Gaga ahead of the Brit awards, where the pop star talked about her outfit for the big evening, wanting to make pop art that’s inspired by pop culture and fame, how vanity is alright, and that she felt like she’d “died and gone to heaven” when told she’d be performing at the Brits.

On how she has fun, Gaga said, “Fun for me is just making music every day and designing clothing and performing and getting the show ready, the Fame Ball tour in America. I’m quite excited.”

On her inspiration for music, she said, “I love David Bowie, yeah. My inspiration is mostly I want to make pop art that’s inspired by pop culture and fame and all these ideas about the ways celebrity culture effects young people and how I believe that all these sentiments can be used in a more positive way. I think that vanity can be quite good for you.”

Watch the interview below.

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