Lady Gaga Is The Most Provocative Celebrity Of The Year

Did ‘Showbiz Tonight’ get it right naming Lady Gaga their Most Provocative Celebrity of the Year? The HLN show posed the question to Megan Alexander of ‘Inside Edition’ on Tuesday (December 7). “I think you did,” Alexander told ‘Showbiz Tonight’ host Brooke Anderson. “You know, Brooke, I’ve posted this on my Facebook page and asked a lot of people what they thought. And so many people said, ‘Give it to Lady Gaga’, because number one, she hasn’t been in court. is too young. She doesn’t know what she’s doing. The other three, Charlie Sheen, Mel Gibson and Lindsay Lohan – they know better and they continue to get in trouble. So I think you made an excellent choice. She’s an incredible entertainer. And aside from that little moment at the Mets game, really, I think she’s just been making statements in the entertainment industry, not so much behaving badly.” Watch the segment below.

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