‘Laguna Beach’ Star Records Track Co-Written By Nick Carter

Alexandra Murrel (Alex M.), known for her role on the second season of the MTV series ‘Laguna Beach’, posted a new blog entry on her blog at MySpace (@alexmmusic) on Saturday (April 15) mentioning she’s recording a song co-written by Backstreet Boys star called ‘Anticipating’.

“Hey guys just wanted to fill you in on what’s going on right now,” Murrel writes. “So everything has been extremely exciting… again just been in the studio recording.. I actually just started recording a new song that was co-written by Nick Carter and another friend of mine Shadrick… I love both of them and I’m so happy to get to work with such talented guys. I cant wait to hear what it sounds like finished… It’s called ‘Anticipating’ and it’s more of a track that you can get up and dance too! So I’m def looking forward to that.”

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