Lance Bass Asks For Prayers For ‘6th Member Of *NSYNC’

star Lance Bass posted the following message to fans on his myspace blog on Tuesday (April 4):

I Don’t like to push religion on anyone, so if your not religious stop reading now. I believe prayer helps a lot in our world. On that note I have a prayer request for you. Our good friend Robin Wiley was diagnosed with cancer last year, and has been fighting it ever since. She has not been doing well lately and I would like it if you could keep her in your thoughts and prayers. She means the world to me and the guys, and I consider her the 6th member of *NSYNC. She gave us our sound and was there from day 1! I would not be singing if it were not for her. She is one of the most talented singer/songwriters ever. Many of you already know who she is if you followed our career closely. She also wrote ‘I Thought She Knew’ and arranged every a capella we ever sang. Thank you for doing this, and I know it will help her out alot! God Bless….

Justin Timberlake Irked At Bandmates

January 14, 2006 – Neil Sean of Sky News reports that Justin Timberlake is unhappy with his former bandmates’ plans to release a megamix single of their hits about the same time Timberlake’s second solo album comes out. “They’re friends on stage, but with the battle for chart positions it’s war,” an insider revealed.

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