Lance Bass Denies Suicide Rumors (WENN) reports star Lance Bass has denied reports that he threatened to kill himself after his mission into space failed earlier this month. A pal of the singer said he had become depressed and suicidal after the money deal for his dream trip to space had fallen through.

“Lance is a very happy person and I’m sure he’s got more in his life than this trip, so I’d be very surprised if he got that upset about it all,” said a record company executive.

Lance Buys Rights To ‘Nose Pickers From Outer Space’

September 26, 2002 – Variety reports star Lance Bass will appear in a new musical film called ‘Nose Pickers From Outer Space.’ Bass’ production company bought the rights to the kids’ book of the same name and plans to use a mix of live action and computer animation to bring the story to life. Bass hopes to appear in the film as one of the Nose Pickers, an alien race that carry computers up their noses. No word on when production begins on the project.

Buzz Aldrin Supports Bass In Space

September 23, 2002 – Apollo 11 astronaut Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin was on Fox News today where he was asked what he thought about star Lance Bass trying to take part in a space mission. Buzz said he was in support of Bass, and space tourism in general, since it spurs additional interest in space travel.

Lance Resumes Space Training For Possible April Flight

September 19, 2002 – Alan Boyle of reports *NSYNC star Lance Bass has been cleared to resume cosmonaut training at Russia’s Star City complex next week, according to sources. Meanwhile, negotiators are continuing to discuss whether he will get another chance at a made-for-TV space flight. While Lance will continue his training in the next few days, he would not train with his would-be crew members for the October mission. The sources said a similar Soyuz mission scheduled for next April loomed as a more likely opportunity, although some on Bass’ team were still holding out a shred of hope for October.

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