Lance Bass Has Surgery To Correct Irregular Heartbeat

Reuters reports recently underwent an outpatient “surgical procedure” to correct an irregular heartbeat. The move was done to help the star qualify for a seat aboard a Russian rocket flight to the International Space Station, according to his spokeswoman Jill Fritzo. Lance’s heart condition was “not even remotely life-threatening” according to Fritzo, adding, “It’s something he had wanted to correct for a long time, but being that he’s planning to go into space, it prompted him to move it up a bit.”

Returns To Moscow

May 14, 2002 – *NSYNC’s Lance Bass and former NASA official Lori Garver are returning to Moscow for final medical tests to fulfill their hope to ride a Russian rocket and commercial sponsorships into space, reports The Russians are expected to decide this month whether either of them will fly, depending on who comes up with the multimillion-dollar fare.

Gossip Guru Runs Into Lance At Boston Hospital

May 6, 2002 –’s Billy Masters was at Boston’s Beth Israel Hospital last week and just happened to run into *NSYNC’s Lance Bass, who was there for some special tests needed to qualify him for a proposed space mission this coming November. Lance told Billy that this trip is a dream come true for him.

Lance Bass Comes Through With Flying Colors On Space Tests

May 4, 2002 – Alan Boyle of MSNBC chatted with TV producer David Krieff who is president of Destiny Productions and the Hollywood negotiator for the Lance Bass project. Krieff said the multi-million dollar project is looking “great” on his side and that Bass has performed wonderfully in tests to determine if he’s fit to make the journey. “He has come through with flying colors,” Krieff said. “The Boston doctors (said that) in their opinion, he’s there.”

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