Lance Bass Plays The Pimp

The Las Vegas Review Journal reports was spotted drinking tequila shots and upset about losing his fake gold tooth, which was part of his pimped-up outfit at the Palms Pimp & Ho Ball on Sunday. The *NSYNC star was wearing a purple and black crushed velvet jacket, black leather pants and purple hat. Lance’s pimp accessories included miniature handcuffs, a flashing purple and green ring and neckwear.

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3 thoughts on “Lance Bass Plays The Pimp

  1. Tig says:

    What is it that he actually does in NSYNC, but play the quiet, reserved f**? Does he doe ANYTHING AT ALL?

  2. devil_of_the_paradise says:

    hey tig or tag (WHATEVER!) Lance is not that type to come to front and sing like Justin or JC. I read in an article that he wanna be in the behind and he don’t wanna b so noticeable. so don’t make a comment without knowing people!

  3. court78413 says:

    LOL!!!!! I would have paid GOOD money to see him TRY to pull off the pimp look….i love lance, and I think he’s a man whore at heart…but a pimp he is not.

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