Lance Bass Removed From Space Station Flight Crew

MSNBC reports Russia’s space agency has sent a letter to other space station partners withdrawing of *NSYNC as a member of the crew for this fall’s flight to the international space station, according to Debra Rahn, a spokeswoman for NASA. “Unfortunately, they couldn’t wait for contract terms to be implemented,” Rahn said. “They had not received any funds.”

Goulish Stab At Over Russians Ending Space Quest

September 8, 2002 – Charlie Pabst of the Arizona Repulic had a rather goulish stab at humor in his losers of the week column. Pabst said after the Russians weren’t letting Lance Bass fly into outerspace that we should “declare war against Russia.” Why? “They have an opportunity to send *NSYNCer Lance Bass into space and they aren’t letting him go because his sponsors didn’t cough up the $20 million needed for his trip. HELLO? Do you know how easy it is for an ‘accident’ to happen that would send the pop star tumbling into the sun? I’m sure at least 40 million different Americans would pay $1 each to see that happen.”

Lance Bass Still In Russia With Sponsors Onboard

September 8, 2002 – Cindy, the manager of Lance Bass, responded to a inquiry about the *NSYNC star being sent home, without sponsors to the owner of the Basstronaut group. “We are still in Russia,” she said. “Our current sponsors have gone nowhere and I promise you one thing; when Lance gets home, the entire world will know it.”

In The Year 2000… Timberlake & Bass

September 6, 2002 – Conan O’Brien had his look into the future segment — In the year 2000 on Thursday. One of his predictions, “ and ‘American Idol’s’ Justin Guarini will join forces on a hit single called ‘Just Intolerable’.” The other, “After failing to travel into outer space, Lance Bass will return from Russia and declare the whole thing to have been a hoax… He was never a musician or a singer.” And during his monologue, Conan joked, “Last night, of course, Fox network, it was the finale of ‘American Idol.’ And in case you missed it, I’ll bring you up to date. Kelly, a former waitress, defeated Justin, a future waiter.”

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