Lance Bass To Begin Space Training

Rolling Stone spoke with David Krieff, president of Destiny Productions on the plans for *NSYNC’s Lance Bass to travel Russia on May 13th to prepare for a trip to space as part of the Destiny’s television special ‘Celebrity Mission: Lance Bass’, that will document the journey. Krieff said, “Lance will stay there for a few months. He’s committed and he’s packing. I think we’re gonna have a big party in Orlando with all the guys before he leaves.”

Lori Garver Dueling For Lance Bass’ Space Trip

April 20, 2002 –’s Brian Blomquist spoke with Lori Garver, who is under consideration with Lance Bass and Polish millionaire Leszek Czarnecki for a seat on a Russian space flight later this year. The 40 year old other said of her competition, “I think it would be a good thing for Lance to go to space, as he has a unique demographic. Celebrity missions, wealthy individuals who go to space, are really helping to spread the message. What we offer different from that is I’m your mother, your daughter, your sister, your friend.”

Justin & Lance Clean Whip Cream From Ladies’ Navels

April 16, 2002 – The New York Post reports Justin Timberlake and Lance Bass of were drinking up vodkas and Red Bulls at Brother Jimmy’s while horny girls approached the pair spraying whip cream on their bellies and other areas, and demand to be cleaned. The *NSYNC’ers obliged by licking off the whipped cream. A witness said of Timberlake, “He was out of his bleeping mind.”

Lance Bass Meets Parker Posey

April 15, 2002 – New York Metro reports Lance Bass of *NSYNC was too shy to introduce himself to actress Parker Posey last week at the premiere party at Roseland for ‘The Sweetest Thing’ (in which she plays Judy Webb), so he summoned his publicist to make introductions. Parker said “Who’s that?” when the publicist asked if she’d like to meet him. After explaining Lance was in *NSYNC, she agreed and the two chatted and had a photo taken together.

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