Lance Bass Pledges Wholesome Family Entertainment

Bill Zwecker of the Chicago Sun Times talked to Lance Bass Wednesday as the *NSYNC and now movie star was at the W Hotel in Chicago to promote the Chicago based ‘On the Line.’ Lance said he’s now got the acting bug admitting, “At the beginning of this project I knew I was really going to be into producing films, but I didn’t realize how much I loved doing the acting–being on the set. Now I’m so excited. I can’t wait to do the next one.”

Lance Bass Says He’d Enlist For War

October 17, 2001 – Lance Bass told Entertainment Tonight he’s willing to leave his *NSYNC bandmates and help the military in the war on terrorism if called upon. Bass revealed, “I’ll be the first one to go. I would definitely serve my country.”

Bass Bruised By Bull

October 14, 2001 – US Weekly reports *NSYNC’s Lance Bass has admitted to being injured after he and Joey Fatone went to a bullfight with some female friends in Cancun Mexico. Bass admits after somehow being urged into the ring and becoming a target for a bull, “The horns never went in me, but he did bruise a few ribs.” Now Lance has a new insurer but says, “For a year, I can’t fight a bull.”

Lance Bass Says *NSYNC Avoided ‘Boys’ Moniker

October 12, 2001 – Lance Bass was on with Conan O’Brien last night where after being prodded by Conan to talk bad about *NSYNC’s rival, the Backstreet Boys, and how having ‘Boys’ in their name now looks bad for the group admitted, “When we were coming with the name, I swear to you that is exactly what we said.” adding, “We had to have a name, so when we’re like, you know, 40 or something, we don’t come out as…”

Lance Spotted with Girlfriend at Standard Lounge

October 11, 2001 – E! Online’s Ted Cassablanca reports *NSYNC’s Lance Bass was spotted at Standard Lounge with a date by his side, though they didn’t stay long as Lance had to go to a press junket the next morning at 9 a.m.

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