Language And Gender Preference Changes For Tatu

WENN reports singers Lena Katina and Julia Volkova have been experimenting with performing in English during recent live dates in Germany, attempting to improve their faltering popularity, but the Russian duo have now decided to stick to their mother tongue and take their chances.

“When we sing in English people don’t understand us, so they just walk away,” Lena explained. “But we want them to enjoy our concerts and stay to the end. So we’d like to sing in Russian. We have done a lot for our country and the people of Russia love us for it. We are proud of being Russian and of what we have done for our country.”

Meanwhile, the pair may also drop their phony lesbian routine, or at least replace it with a bisexual image, as Julia revealed: “We never said we didn’t like men. But now we want to show our other sides.”

MTV & Tatu To Be Under Fox News Scrutiny Tonight

June 13, 2003 – Tonight’s O’Reilly Factor on Fox News will be attacking MTV’s attempts to sell sex, and the preview commercial is citing t.A.T.u.’s lesbian school-girl themed performance at the MTV Movie Awards as evidence. The show airs tonight at 8 PM ET.

Fans Losing Interest In Tatu

June 2, 2003 – The Sun reports t.A.T.u.’s Moscow-based fan club has shut down. Alexandr Bondarev, the club’s boss, said, “It’s all over. Fans have lost interest. Just months ago we had thousands of members but numbers have drastically dwindled. We can no longer afford to go on.”

Russia To Dispute Eurovision Result

May 30, 2003 – Radio 1 reports Russia is disputing the result of the Eurovision Song Contest. t.A.T.u. performed the Russian entry which came third in the voting, three points behind the winners, but the state owned Channel One television station has launched an official protest against the result, claiming they were robbed of possible victory.

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