LAPD At Spears’ Home… Britney Taken To Hospital

Britney Spears hand, People magazine, X17 and TMZ report is refusing to turn over her two boys Sean Preston and Jayden James to her ex-husband Kevin Federline in defiance of court-mandated custody hours. Because of this, the LAPD were called and are currently outside the troubled pop tart’s home. “There have been police sent to that residence,” a LAPD officer tells “We don’t know any more at this time, but apparently they’ve arrived.” Also at the residence is K-Fed’s lawyer Mark Kaplan.

Sorrell Trope, the attorney for Spears who has requested to be removed as her counsel, told the mag, “In a normal case when someone shows up with a certified court order saying the kids need to be somewhere else, the police see to it that the order is obeyed. But that is in a normal case.”

LAPD officer Jason Lee tells People magazine: “Around 8 p.m. we got a call about a custodial dispute regarding Britney Spears’s children. Officers are still there. We’re trying to resolve the dispute peacefully per a court order.”

Meanwhile, a witness tells OK! magazine that the scene is “like a hostage situation in there,” adding that Britney’s “cousin” and assistant Carla have exited the home.

Police and helicopters still on the scene at her home. The pilot for FOX is now indicating Britney is being treated by paramedics… wondering about whether it would have a police escort because of potential paparazzi chaos. Copter reporter said Spears was said to be under the influence of some unspecified substance. Paramedics called in to the home after someone heard screaming hysterically.

They brought the backboard back to the ambulance. The chopper reporter said they weren’t going to take her. (11:36) Federline seen outside the property….

Britney appears to have just been put into the ambulance on a gurney! Nothing appears to be rushed, indicating no life threatening ailment. Child carried to the other ambulance. (11:45) Federline seen leaving… Reporter: “Did she fall or something when she was carrying one of the children?” (11:48) Britney’s ambulance lights now flashing, leaving property.

TMZ now reporting Britney is being taken to a local hospital on a “medical hold” for a mental evaluation.

The ambulance is apparently headed towards Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

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