Lara Croft Double Hooks Up With Justin Timberlake

Lara Croft double Lucy Clarkson has revealed how star cheated on Cameron Diaz with her while he was in London. “Justin was totally obsessed with my boobs,” 32DD Clarkson revealed. “He asked if they were false and I replied, ‘Touch them’. He grabbed my boobs and pulled them out from the bra. He touched them in such a sensitive way it was like we’d been together for ever. He was just grabbing them and looking at them. Justin told me that none of his girlfriends have ever had boobs. He said that he’s quite a boob person. He doesn’t like them too big or false, but he loves women with cleavage.” Though they engaged in foreplay, they didn’t go all the way because they had no condoms. “I think Justin was close too but he was worried about me getting pregnant,” she said. “He lay back and I told him that I respected his decision.”

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