Laura Imbruglia Happy After John Howard Defeat

checked in with fans on her blog at on Saturday (November 24), pleased with the news that Australian Prime Minister John Howard was defeated by Kevin Rudd in Saturday’s elections. She writes:

It was a RUDDSLIDE! Yay!
Congratulations to the people of Australia for our new Government. Hoorah!
So…um…in other exciting news…
Remember how I kept bugging you to vote for the “Looking For Rabbit” clip? Well, you voted good, ’cause it came in at #3 for most voted for Aussie clip of 2007 on good ‘ole JTV.
I got so many votes I’m almost the Labor party. The evidence is below…so thankyou from my bottom of the heart.

Saturday 24.11.2007
1. GOTYE – Hearts A Mess
3. LAURA IMBRUGLIA – Looking For A Rabbit

Watch the ‘Looking For A Rabbit’ video below the fold.

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