Laura Imbruglia Posts Four New Songs On MySpace

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@lauraimbruglia) on her player including ‘Pauly’, ‘When It All Falls Apart’, ‘Terrible Disease’, and ‘Wouldn’t Be Surprised’. The Australian indie pop singer writes:

Hey!!! The powers that be have said I could put some new songs up for you to listen to. So I put 4 up. They cover some of the musical area that’s on my album but there is more area which you will hear when said album is released. Plenty more area. Like, another 9 songs more area.

I hope you like ’em. I’m really friggin’ excited to have something new out there and some new songs to play live. Hopefully I’ll be doing some more shows soon and when my new band is ready to start playing shows, we will get rockin’ like Dokken. Or Darkthrone. Or Dark Tranquillity. Or Theater. Or Duran Duran.

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