Leader Of Michelle Branch’s Street Team Encourages Cheating

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Last year at MTV’s Video Music Awards, won the Viewer’s Choice Award. This is an award that is determined by online voting. How was this artist with a small fan base able to rise above those with large fan bases? Autovoting systems. It seemed Michelle’s fans were especially technically adept at having their computers vote for them automatically for thousands of votes. Messageboard bravado boasted of the cheating, but there was never any evidence of involvement or encouragement by Michelle’s representatives…. until now.

With MTV apparently cracking down recently on such cheating of their online voting systems, Michelle Branch hasn’t been doing as well as she used to.. Last year she won the Viewer’s Choice Award, this year she wasn’t even recognized (nominations are determined by online voting). Last year she was a constant on the TRL countdown, and this year she isn’t even a blip on the radar.

All this has the promotion department so concerned that one of Michelle Branch’s official representative’s (with the screen name mav) actually posted at her message board that “We need more individual autovoters, that do less votes a day. MTV probably throws our votes if more than 100-200 votes come from one person.”

This clearly puts a taint on Michelle’s VMA award last year.

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10 thoughts on “Leader Of Michelle Branch’s Street Team Encourages Cheating

  1. donnie says:

    This article is totally out of context. Michelle’s team is comprised of over 20,000 members. It is impossible to control them. On the boards, we often discuss the nature of MTV.com’s site, but we actually try to discourage fans from using autovoters – they don’t work, and MTV knows when you use them. I don’t know if the VMA story is true. Another version going around the net had most other fans and e-teams stopping voting once the show started, but Michelle fans didn’t give up until the award was announced To combat flooding MTV with bogus votes, we we recently (July 1) reduced our voting on the e-team to limit voting on TRL ONCE EVERY THREE HOURS.

  2. linley56 says:

    This person forgot to post the other part of mav’s post………..

    More team members need to join the effort, and more phones!

  3. wax says:

    This is such a crappy article. Whoever made this is a weirdo. Last year, we voted our asses off to make Michelle win. My finger even got injured because of it! I guess some (like 2 or 3 fans only) used that autovoter thing last year BUT not everyone did. Besides, it’s not just Michelle’s fans who are using that autovoter thing. I’m sure Britney’s, Aguilera’s, Beyonce’s, Avril’s fans (and other fans of poppy artists) are also using autovoters. Don’t put all the blame on us! Btw, mav is NOT a cheater. He is the best street team leader EVER! I rest my case. P.S. oh, I am hoping that someone out there is gonna hack this nasty site. :p

  4. SCUNick says:

    This is bogus. I remember the VMAs last year and Michelle Branch seemed to have won fair and square. I am personally not a very big Michelle Branch fan, and I must have voted several hundred times for her over the stretch of time, just so the other artist wouldn’t win. I think that the limited online fan base that Branch has just voted very hard for her, while some may have used autovoters; if you think about it, many other fan probably used autovoters too. I just think that Branch’s fans had the drive to heavily vote for her, while other artists’ fans just took it for granted and thought that their artist would win without their dedication. MTV.com is much smarter than you give them credit for, in terms of knowing when one vote constantly; they probably filter out the excess amounts of votes by a voter for an artist. As for Branch not being a blip on the radar, I think that’s crazy. Recently, I’ve seen Branch everywhere. I’ve seen her in several magazines, on the TRL countdown numerous, all over the radio with “Are You Happy Now,” and all over the television. If you want to find people who haven’t make a blip on the radar, you should look at some of the other artist who got a nod for the Viewer’s Choice Award, like POD, Brandy, B2K, and Enrique Iglesias. Branch has increased her fanbase with her current publicity and success; it never hurts your image when you win a Grammy. I think that the writer of this article is just bitter about having their artist lose, or is just a Michelle Branch hater. All I have to say is, never under estimate the power of a dedicated fan, they will surprise you with what they can do.

  5. lucaslim says:

    Play It Forward (Michelle Branch eTeam) did not cheat. This is based on team work and hard work. Please do not comment anyhow that you like. Michelle Branch has great talent and she writes her own song. She help to bring up the reputation of pop music. I totally disagree about what you say about her because her music is really good.

  6. empty_hand3d says:

    I’m pretty sure she isn’t the only one who had fans who used auto-voters. Michelle Branch is very talented, there are only 2 people that I know who think that Michelle’s musical talent is just OK. Just because maybe one or two people use autovoters, doesn’t mean that the other 50 billion are auto votes too. Yes, there are almost 20,000 members at MBMB. And I expect there are plenty more that don’t want to join the MB or can’t join it. If there was anything wrong with her winning awards, there’s something wrong with you. She also won a lot of other awards, and you couldn’t use auto-voters on them. So, I guess that you’re the only one who thinks Michelle sucks? Great, let’s keep it to one. Oh wait, let me add more people at more boards who probably aren’t the same people, and who all love Michelle Branch and most likely voted for her. This might take a while. Okay, add 4388 then. But now, shall I add another deleted MB forum I used to go to? Not a lot more, just 1500. Okay, that’s a lot of people, who probably had a lot of friends, let’s say all of them had 10 different friends. But those friends had 10 more friends, then 10 more, then 10 more. Then one more. So let’s multiply the total, we get about one million. And what if we have more? Then I guess you get the point — so what if Michelle has a couple fans that used auto-voters, she still had a lot more fans. And some of them probably didn’t vote because they don’t like MTV or TRL or whatever?? Now why aren’t there 5 million more articles like this telling how there are a lot of other people who have fans who use autovoters!! Oh because we can take the truth!! Oh my gawd, yeah!! Be glad you didn’t get 100 comments telling how much this article sucks. At least for now. I hope.

  7. Kitty-Kat says:

    Hey you DUMB ***** leave Michelle alone!! You dumbass ignorant piece of *****, you don’t know motha *****en ***** Michelle and her fans so leave them the ***** alone. You’re a waste of *****ing human oxygen, find what your really worth meaning go drown yourself in a *****en vat of sewage or battery acid. Never seen such a pathetic excuse of life ever don’t be such a *****EN HATER WITH NOTHIN BETTER TO DO THAN GO AROUND THE INTERNET HATING ON PEOPLE WHO HAVE MORE MONEY THAN YOUR SORRY ASS!!

  8. mbmbscott says:

    as another poster already pointed out, we won because we had the determination to win.. I personally voted manually upwards of 8 hours a day in the days preceeding the vma’s… we worked our asses off to get that award and I’m glad we got it for her.. granted a few people use auto voters but that happens in every fan camp.. you would be stupid to think otherwise.. but the majority of us vote by hand.. afterall it makes the award mean more to us knowing how hard we worked to get it.. seeing her go on stage was not only for her, it was for us.. the people that worked to get her there.. you want to write an article on bogus crap, do an article on how beyoncee (the Pepsi spokesperson) is nominated and the vma’s are sponsored by pepsi.. ill bet she wins even without her fans voting.

  9. music09 says:

    It seems some may have not done their homework. First off I have never once used any form of autovoter. So by saying her fans cheated your are including me. I physically vote continually everyday for TRL. So she hasn’t been on the countdown lately. Big deal, she has plenty more hit singles coming. It will not be the last time you see her on MTV. Not to mention her current single is all over the radio, and on MTV’s frequent playlist so she is successful on her own. Now about the VMA’s. I voted an uncountable amount of times for the viewers choice award, not to mention there was a very large number of fans who did the same. I voted not because she is one of my favorite artists but because she deserved it. She at the time got no credit for what she does, but while others who have half her talent get praised as the new God or Goddess of the music industry. As far as her not having a large fanbase? Does it matter? All it takes is dedicated fans. Oh and a little fact for you, she has 20,000+ street teamers so her fanbase isn’t exactly small. Not to mention she has plenty of fans who are not on the street team. Don’t be bitter because she won an award. It’s done and over with. Bringing it up now, after the awards were on a year ago is useless and just dumb. Get over it. She won, she deserved it and if she was nominated this year she would win again. And no the street team leaders do not encourage cheating. Its funny how certain topics are brought up, but some are left out. If you would read all of the street team leaders posts you would see how much they encourage people to vote by phone. They are good team leaders and work hard.

  10. justhadtocomment says:

    Michelle, a blip on the radar. That’s complete bull*****. I remember last years VMAs, I was on the TRL message boards and there were a ton of posts about how everyone was voting for her. I was voting for her. I didn’t use an auto-voter and I was so happy when she won. Both of her albums debuted on the top ten and her last one debuted at #2. The spirit room sold more than 1 million copies and I believe ‘Hotel Paper’ is close to a million if not already there. She has a ton of devoted fans who voted for her whenever they could, without using auto-voters. I’m pissed that popdirt would allow this article which has nothing to back up what it’s claiming. She won, get over it.

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