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Just looking at some of the comments left about Janet Jackson, and some of the things I have personally heard about her I think it’s disgusting. This secret child rumor has been around since the eighties and was started by an abusive, drug addicted ex husband who treated Janet terribly. If the rumor does turn out to be true I don’t see why it’s such a terrible thing. Janet would’ve been twenty at the time, she had lived a very sheltered life before she broke away from her father and I can understand how having a child could be too much for her. The latest rumor is her sister Remy is raising the child, well I’m sure Remy raised it as her own and Janet left the child in the care of someone responsible and I’m sure she looked after the child’s needs financially. People need to stop judging her and give her a break. She’s obviously been going through a hard time as of late, it’s obvious by the way she gained so much weight and has been photographed at recent events wearing baggy, unflattering clothes. It looks like the weight gain has really affected her self esteem. She’s suffered from depression in the past, the last thing Janet needs is this.

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7 thoughts on “Leave Janet Jackson Alone

  1. JLOVER101 says:

    First off, you really need to get your facts straight, her sister’s name is Rebee NOT Remy. Secondly, and most importantly, everyone is allowed their own opinion. They can consider that she was a bad mother because she didn’t take care of a child that she carried and gave birth to. I don’t see adoption as a bad thing, whether it’s by a family member or otherwise, when the person doesn’t have the means. Janet, however, does have the means. She could’ve taken care of this child, and if she didn’t want to get pregnant, she should’ve been using birth control. That’s just irresponsible. Oh, and you speak of her ex-husband, well actually this time around the person to bring it up was his brother. What could her former brother-in-law possibly have to gain from this, other than exposing the truth?

    Oh, and just one more thing, this rumor has been around since the 80’s, you’re absolutely right about that. Have you notice though, how nobody has ever come out to deny it? If Young DeBarge wanted to talk about it, then good for him. I like Janet as an artist, but her personality has always been questionable.

  2. CharlotteNCusa says:

    Jackson traits running wild!’, ‘Janet…poor Janet. She doesn’t want her own child, yet Michael has children he keeps covered up. I think the Jacksons are talented as musical artist goes, however they are so screwed in the head.

  3. hookedonmimi says:

    Janet gets me sick. She tries to dance and sing like Mariah, but can’t come close. Mariah’s Charmbracelet tour was a critical acclaimed hit while Janet’s “All For You” tour was…well, a flop. Janet also is a complete Madonna ripoff. She does everything Madonna does, but regurgitates it three years later..wait, I’m supposed to hate Madonna too!

  4. fpasko says:

    The Jackson family is probably one of the most screwed up families in America. I agree that they all have had talent. I say “had” because look at how they are now. Makes you wonder where the talent went. I say the same thing about Whitney Houston.

  5. jazzprofounder says:

    People need to stop telling others to leave celebs alone when it’s not going to happen. Just get over it, people are entitled to their own opinion, telling people to leave Janet alone is not going to change anything.

  6. JLOVER101 says:

    Janet has never tried to sing like Mariah, that’s just stupid. Oh, and I’, ‘went to both the Charmbracelet tour and the All For You tour, and I must say I enjoyed the All For You tour way much more. Mariah has a great voice, and stage presence, but concerts are much more enjoyable when there is something going on on-stage, and Janet definitely knows how to do that.

  7. YLS says:

    You know people can spectulate all they want about Janet’s weight gain. Has anyone ever stop to think that Janet is getting old, and has been doing this kind of work all her life. At some point and time your body start to shut down. Your body is nature and you have to respect the facts of nature. All the other things that are living in this universe are respecting GODS COMMAND, and follow in order according to nature. And the reaity is, Janet is getting old or older, how ever one may want to put it. Janet’s had a good life, and you have to have both good and bad,. little or big; large or small. Nothing in life is one sided, unless you have a one side track mind, as we see some folks do have.

    One thing Janet needs to do, is for once be honest. Stop and say, yes! I am Janet Jackson the singer;songwriter; actress; performer etc. Say for once why can’t I be like everyone else, that is be human and understand that we all have cycles in life. Everything on this earth has a limitation in life. Just use common knowledge, and examine the Ocean. Even the waves know when to stop and its boundaries. And there will come a day, when the ocean, is going to cross its boundaries. Because its designed by nature to do so. It just comes as time when things wither and disappear, like a flower, when it blossoms, its beautiful. But when it wither; it disappear. It was good while it last.

    In other words, folks. It’s time for Janet to live while she can, she’s giving the public all she could, and she still looks good at forty-something. And most of us has taken she and her brother Michael as one of our own. Now think about it, if it were one of your own, what would you do about your child, whom has worked for the majority of his/her life. Lay off of this Girl, she’s only human nature, she is not a machine, no matter how they might design her, or no matter how many strings they pull. In this case NATURE PULLS THESE STRINGS.

    And janet, for once come clean and explain and say what is really the problem. No more lying. I have heard the same thing over and over agian of the things that you say. Sounds life a broke song. Just say, I am only human.

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