Leave Michelle Branch Alone

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Enough with the /Maxim thing. Yes- she did it! It came out 2 weeks ago and it was done 2 months ago, so is it a possibility, that everyone who is obsessing over it so negatively could just-STOP! I know it was shocking, and upsetting, but now it needs to be over. No, Michelle does not regret it and yes, it’s upsetting a lot of people. It’s not doing anyone any good by carrying it on like this. If you have known and loved Michelle before this, then forgive her-come on! And if you don’t like her anyway, then don’t use this opportunity to bash her. Move on, forgive, forget…It’s easiest.

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10 thoughts on “Leave Michelle Branch Alone

  1. Jive says:

    No! I’m still in disgust after seeing the pictures and even worse the interview

  2. BritneyFantasy says:

    i don’t really like Michelle but I don’t bash her because of that. Every other celebrity does I so y not her?? I saw the cover only but not inside. actually compared to xtina’s covers or Britney’s it s not as bad. big deal get over it like the author said. lol.

  3. single_female_lawyer says:

    um ok I guess your not familiar to the routine……o.k 1st a female will pose half-nekkid or all nakey on a magazine cover or whatnot. then everybody will shout slurs such as ho, b1tch, slut, oh what a whore so on and so forth. And then everybody talks about it for the next 5-6 months depending on the, what we call the ‘slut-factor’, basically in a nut-shell it is how slutty the photos were. Then people will bring the topic up when the artist is mention and that artist will NEVER live it down. :) In other words your whittle Michelle is fine I’m sure she wanted this kinda of attention anyways. So calm down aiight :)

  4. SelenaY143 says:

    UM, look this is a big deal. This is how some people felt about their first impression on Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera… what happened to those girls NOW??? Possessed. And look at Michelle… from “Everywhere” to “All You Wanted” to “Goodbye” to “Are you Happy Now” to “Breathe” what happened to her??!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!??!!?! Spears and Aguilera are long gone good girls and are beyond the skank-o-meter. This is Michelle Branch we’re talking about. Yes, it is disturbing… just look at how she’s been doing… one mistake and this is it… Sorry, Michelle… it’s your fault

  5. jojob1987 says:

    It’s stupid to argue over a thing like this. I hope you all didn’t expect Michelle to be so innocent… she is 20! I didn’t think the pictures are a big deal.. yes it was a surprise but it isn’t as if she wasn’t covered up or anything and the interviews magazines normally show are wrong or edited so don’t be sure that she said all that… I am not protecting her cause I don’t know much about her music or her as a person, but I don’t consider what she’s done wrong.

  6. SelenaY143 says:

    Yeah, Michelle Branch is 20 and only enough to pose nude… And how old is Madonna? 21? Britney did it at around 18… now who’s not to argue over this? it’s a big deal.

  7. ozfella03 says:

    Nah this sucks, because no doubt the person who wrote that would be trashing Britney Spears,Christina Aguilera,or whomever else it was who did the same. It’s not exactly that she posed like that that bothers me, what bothers me is how she trashed Britney and Christina for doing the very same thing tons of times.

  8. Lava33 says:

    Nope, sorry Shunk, I will not just move on or whatever. People are never willing to move on when Britney or Christina pose provocatively, so why should Michelle Branch get off the hook? Michelle Branch shouldn’t have done the cover of that magazine in the first place, she really doesn’t look that great. This image doesn’t suit her. And she should not have talked about Britney and Christina like that, when she is doing the same thing. I used to like her, but I am slowly starting not to.

  9. cramneb says:

    haha. you sound like she has done a sin. well, calm down. if you like what she did, then like it. hate if you hate it. you can’t convince no one if you post something like this. everybody would just get annoyed. some also would just hate her more. well, as for me, I love what she did.

  10. allyouwanted says:

    we all go crazy sometimes. I like Michelle Branch’s songs and I think she’s a great songwriter and has a good aspect on life, but I have lost some respect for her as a result.

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