Leave Nick Carter Alone

Contributed by Minxy:

As a huge fan of star I’m having trouble believing any of this crap that I’ve been reading about him lately. I’ll admit, I don’t know him personally but I’d go to hell and back before I believe he’s capable of beating up a ‘woman’ he obviously adores.

I find it absolutely disgusting what people have wrote in here about Nick. Whether these stories are true (which I highly doubt) or not, it is actually nobody’s business but the people involved.

The press are being absolutely awful and the should all be ashamed of themselves for printing such crap. The only facts that actually have is the Paris is bruised…that’s it. It takes a sick sick person to jump to the conclusions they have without hearing anyone’s story.

I know Paris hasn’t actually cleared Nick of doing this but people seem to be overlooking the fact that she hasn’t accused him either.

Say what you like about Nick, I don’t care, but nothing, and I mean NOTHING will stop me standing by him through this.

So everyone who wants to have a go at Nick and accusing him of all sorts…GROW THE HELL UP!!!

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