Lee Ryan: I’m Spiritual, But I Hate Religion

spoke with cd:uk in a Q&A, and talked about his 12 minute song about Jesus, even though he’s not religious.

“No, I’m spiritual. I hate religion,” the former star said. “I think it’s the cause so many wars. I respect people’s religion but it’s not something that I’m into. I’m very spiritual and I believe Jesus was very spiritual – and that’s why I wrote this song. It’s got a hidden message in it and it took me three years to write! I’m still writing it. It’s got a 20-piece orchestra and a big gospel choir. I composed this piece of music on the piano which was taken from Mozart and changed it. If you heard it, you’d be like, ‘Oh, I know what you’re doing.’ The first half is called ‘Time Flies’ and the second half is called ‘I Am The Son Of God’. It’s basically saying that we are all the son of God, if you read into it. It doesn’t preach, it’s more like telling the story of who Jesus was. This is just a side project. I might even sell if on the internet and give the proceeds to charity. Specifically, I want it to go on an anti-war album. I want to get as much publicity for anti-war and I think the best way to do that is to donate the proceeds to an anti-war charity. I’ve worked with the War Child album.”

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3 thoughts on “Lee Ryan: I’m Spiritual, But I Hate Religion

  1. jennyis says:

    I too have this horrible feeling about religion. The people are nice and mean well, but it just seem so extremely artificial. there’s nothing individual about it, one book cannot possibly fit everyone. Plus these books were written by people who say they heard the word from above. I believe in my own spirituality and my own interpretation of the afterlife, if there is any. Religion makes you live without any responsibility. Jesus take the wheel! why not take a little responsibility for your own life? why is it that religious fanatics are broke and in desperate need for depression counseling? Maybe, just maybe did it occur to them that it’s all the hydrogenated oils and high fructose corn syrup that they keep allowing to enter in the sacred temple of God? Why give up and say God will take care of it all? this doesn’t fix anything!

  2. nida says:

    Islam is the complete religion and if you read quran pak you will realize the real beauty of god ALLAH.

  3. KKHH says:

    But Jesus was not a good guy, search 50 reasons to be ashamed of Jesus on Google or see that in Dwindle in Unbelief. Jesus did not even exist.

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