Lenka Aimed For Music That Makes You Happy On Debut

spoke with Jordan of andPOP about her first album, the kind of music she wanted to create, and also taught him some Australian lingo.

“When I set about making my first solo album, I was thinking about what kind of thing I wanted to put out to the world,” she explained. “I was thinking about my music collection and those handful of songs, there’s usually like one or two per album, that make you feel happy. It’s pretty rare. Most of the music I like is pretty melancholy. It’s a bit of a journey. It kind of goes darker and slow for a little while, but mostly it’s like, Hey!”

Asked if it was hard writing uplifting songs, she confessed, “That was another reason why. Musically I think it’s because you’re mostly dealing with mostly major chords and it’s going into sort of nursery rhyme territory and really sugary pop territory, so you’re sort of walking a fine line between it sounding too simple or too babyish.”

Watch the interview via YouTube below.

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