Leno Leads ‘Tonight Show’ Monologue With Antonella Barba

Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Friday night, “Hey, have you all been watching ‘American Idol’? Yeah. Looks like they have a winner for the contest. KFC wet t-shirt contest, but it looks like it’s a winner. … I guess that’s the big story. Seems one of the female semi-finalists – what’s her name? Antonella? turned up on the internet. Some photos of her turned up on the internet, and people said she should get kicked off the show. Well, none of them guys. … You know what I say? Why don’t you show us the pictures and we can vote on those? That’s what we should do. … I would call in for that, yeah. Actually, the ones – how many have seen these pictures? Have you seen these pictures? The ones that are tastefully done are actually her. But she’s denying that it’s her in the more sexually explicit ones. And Ryan Seacrest said he saw the photos that were sexually explicit and said he was repulsed by them. But he always feels that way when he sees naked women. So I don’t know. … See, I don’t know. I don’t know who to believe. In fact, when Simon saw those pictures of her in the wet t-shirt – oh, man. He said he was furious. He said ‘If anyone is going to show their nipples on the program, it’s going to be me.'”

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