Lesley Roy Reflects On Amazing 2008

Lesley Roy and Jonas Brothers

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@lesleyroy) on Thursday (January 8). The Irish pop rock singer tells readers:

2008 was an amazing year for me, I finally got to release my album, shoot a video for ‘I’m Gone I’m Going’, tour around the country with my amazing band, Dave, Tyler, Benny and Sergio, and do so many things that I had been working on all my life. But really in all honesty without sounding too cheesy 08 really showed the power of what a real audience can do, all you guys out there who have found my music, bought the album or come to my shows have really shown me that there is hope out there for a genuine artist who loves to perform and who put all their blood sweet and tears into a piece of work. You guys have called into your stations and requested my songs voted online for different competitions and really just cared about the progress of the album. All the people out there who have sent me such kind words here on MySpace about the album and their favorite songs I really do appreciate it so much.

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