Liar, Liar

Contributed by StayGoneBeautiful:

A couple days ago I read an “expose” on here on Popdirt. The author claimed that Mariah never hit the note she is reported to have hit by the Guiness Book of World Records (2003). This particular member went to great lengths to discredit Mariah, citing that a fictional publishing company, “Selmirah, Inc”, investigated Mariah’s Superbowl feat with a series of e-mails and letters and found that she never hit the G#7 note. This is supposedly the company that publishes and distributes the almanac.


Time, Incorporated Home Entertainemnt publishes the almanac, and a rep for Time said that there is no investigation concerning Mariah Carey. “As far as we know, she really did hit it. Our equipment would have detected a note lower than a G#7. “

So obviously, this member is a serious Mariah hater who enjoys writing fiction. The investigation never took place, Selmirah doesn’t exist, and lastly, no one ever doubted Mariah’s imcomparable ability.

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