Liberty X Banned From Gay Pride

The Sun reports organizers of next month’s Gay Pride gig have axed after being flooded with hate e-mails after Michelle Heaton’s comments on the recent gay kiss on ‘Coronation Street’, which she argued should have been shown after 9pm.

“I am really upset by the reaction. I have loads of gay friends and am in no way homophobic. I was taken out of context and can’t believe how it has all backfired,” Heaton said. “What I meant to say was that homosexuality shouldn’t be exploited or sensationalized. We play at loads of gay charities and have a huge gay fan base. Anyone who knows me knows that I am in no way homophobic. This is a stupid thing that has spiraled out of control and I’m really sorry if any offense has been caused.” Read more.

Dumped By Renault

March 31, 2004 – The Sun reports has been dumped from sponsoring Renault’s Megane model for a second year. A spokesman for the firm explained: “When the car was launched we saw it as a young, funky brand and at the time Liberty X were upcoming. But we have decided not to renew the contract.”

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