Liberty X Vacation In Mauritius

The Scottish Daily Record reports that while Hear’Say lick their wounds, their so-called Flopstars rivals are basking in the millionaire’s playground of Mauritius. The group is riding high with their last single, Got To Have Your Love, reached number two and they’ll be back from their vacation to perform at Dundee Ice Arena on Tuesday, October 15, along with 3SL.

Liberty X At Breast Cancer Care Photocall

September 19, 2002 – Liberty X attended a photocall earlier today in London to lend their support to Icecool and Breast Cancer Care 2002. Icecool has designed a limited edition ‘Pink Ribbon Diamond Pin’ based on the breast cancer care ‘Pink Ribbon’ symbol.

Liberty X On Radio 1

September 16, 2002 – Radio 1’s Jamie Theakston chatted with Liberty X and asked Michelle Heaton about reports she was dating star James. “There was something in the paper about me and him because we went on a night out with a few people and got into the back of a taxi to go to a club. There were a few people in the cab, but they just took a picture of me and him and because of that picture people thought we were seeing each other which we weren’t, never have been and never will. He’s just a good friend. Honestly!” Audio has since been removed.

Liberty X Set To Crack America

September 13, 2002 – The Sun reports Liberty X are set to crack America as single ‘Just A Little’ is the fourth most requested new song on national radio, according to Billboard magazine. A Liberty X spokesman said: “There’s interest around the world.”

Liberty X Happy To Drop ‘Flopstars’ Label

May 26, 2002 – Andrea McVeigh of the Belfast Telegraph reports Tony Lundon of Liberty X admits the band’s recent chart topping single is a relief to their earlier days being labeled as ‘flopstars’ because of losing out to Hear’Say in the Popstars TV show. “It’s the best feeling in the whole world, and hopefully it means we’ll be around for a long time to come. It will also help a lot in getting rid of any of the ‘reject’ or ‘flopstars’ labels we’ve been dogged with in the past.”

Michelle Of Liberty X Wants To Work With Justin Timberlake

May 15, 2002 – Liberty X stopped by London’s Capital FM to chat about what they’ve been up to. When asked who the group would like to work with, Michelle Heaton responded, “I would have to pick Justin Timberlake. For artistic reasons only – I don’t fancy him, he’s not my type! I just prefer dark headed men rather than blonde, baby types.” The audio has since been removed.

Liberty Now Liberty X

March 4, 2002 – Liberty have a new name after they were required to change the group’s name when a judge ruled that a Nineties funk band owned the original. A reader of the Sun came up with the name Liberty X. Their label owner Richard Branson said, “They certainly have the X-factor.”

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