Lights Behind The Scenes At Reading Festival

Lights talks at Reading FestivalBehind the scenes footage with Lights from the recent Reading Festival has been posted online.

“I’m sitting in the sun which is suprising because it’s been raining all day, kinda, on and off, which is nice,” Lights explained. “It worked to my advantage, kicking off the dance stage this morning, 12:30, morning-ish. Everyone was still kinda groggy. Because it was raining, everyone came in, and there was a couple thousand people watching. It was awesome.”

“Definitely a festival unlike any other one,” the Canadian synthpop singer said about the annual UK event. “Especially in North America. You don’t get this many people at a festival and it’s just got this awesome festival vibe and everyone is so ready to hear music and ready to get dirty for music and makes it real easy for us to play. It’s just been a total blast.”

Lights sits down and enjoys the sun during Reading FestivalOn how to prepare for the festival dates, she said, “Definitely there are a few things you take with you on festival days. I’ve done my share of festivals. I did Warped Tour last year and I did V Fest last year in Canada and here in the UK. One of the staples that you need to bring besides some water, which should be a daily thing, is face wipes. Warped Tour that was my shower. Here, you get dust in your face after the set and my eye makeup starts to streak. You’re sweaty, you split chutney. Sunglasses, I should have them on right now because I’m squinting, but sunglasses are a good thing to have, even in the rain, because when you’re walking fast like I do, it goes into your eyes and sizzles. Also earplugs. If you’re right in front of a speaker, you could lose your hearing, and this generation is losing their hearing.”

Watch it via her YouTube below.

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