Lights Is Addicted To SXSW

Canadian artist Lights performs at SXSW posted highlights from her visit to Austin earlier this year for the SXSW, her first time performing at the annual music festival.

“It’s chaos, but you know I realize I’m addicted to it,” the Canadian synthpop singer said of the annual music festival. “I’m gonna have to come back every year again for the rest of my life. It’s incredible, you walk down the street and it’s like Mardi Gras for musicians. It’s insane.”

Watch the brief clip below.

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One thought on “Lights Is Addicted To SXSW

  1. Jon says:

    Tall kid with the rockstar hat is my bestest pal cameron! I was directly below him…Also lights is by far the coolest human on this planet.

    Does that count as post-related?

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