Lights Turn Off Everywhere Porcelain Black Goes

Porcelain Black

checked in with her Twitter followers (@PorcelainBlack) moments ago, talking about how her presence frequently results in lights going out. The 25-year-old artist, who combines elements of pop, rap and rock, will be joining Lil Wayne on his upcoming I Am Still Music tour this summer. Black writes:

Light just went off above me

And ANOTHER light just went off above me

Holy fu** and another light just went off. Geez

And another light turned off above me. That like 4 lights I’m 10 minutes

No guys. For the past couple years lights turn off EVERYWHERE I go. Everyday. But sometimes it happens in major spurts + 10 lights turn off

I’ve turned onto highways n the whole highway of lights turn off. I’ve walked into a bar and the whole bar turned off

I’ve walked into my apartment building 4 DIFFERENT TIMES and the lights in the WHOLE building turned off

I used to be freaked out by it. But now I’m just used to it now.

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