Lights UK Tour Diary

Canadian singer Lights in the dressing room checked in backstage to shares stories about her UK shows, her semi-revolving set list, pre-show rituals, Hatebreed tweets, what’s on her tour rider and what it’s like to be a part of the tour.

“Live, there are only three of us on stage,” explained. “I play keyboards, keytar and mini controller and have the ability to move around a little bit. It was never meant to be a schtick when I first started playing the keytar, but it kind of happened. It’s for practical reasons. I’m able to be more mobile on stage. Adam, my other keyboard player, plays keyboards as well, and I have a live drummer. Just need the energy live. It really adds to electronic music and it’s a little bit heavier live as a result.”

Canadian singer Lights closeupOn her set list, the singer said, “I have the ones that I really can get the best reaction and I play those all the time. But I always have a slot where I can swap in and out of. I won’t get a chance to play all of them, so it’s like ‘Face Up’, ‘Quiet’, ‘Pretend’, a bunch of these songs that I rotate depending on how the crowd feels or whatever.”

On show prep, she said, “As time goes on, I don’t need a pre-show ritual. I just squat around and wait for the show to come about. I’m actually currently on Twitter and kind of excited because I got a tweet from Jamey Jasta who is actually the singer for Hatebreed and I’m a huge Hatebreed fan.”

Canadian artist Lights on the Owl City tourOn a real time crowd reaction to her just completed live set, Lights explained, “I always gauge it, by the way I’m talking really fast because I’m energized and that happens. Second song, if people are energetic second song then you know it’s gonna be a really great show. If they’re not then you really need to work it and it comes the fourth or fifth song but today they started getting energetic second song and it was really awesome.”

Video at MySpace has since been removed.

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