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checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace on Sunday (November 16) after posting a new widget. The Canadian indie pop singer tells readers:

For starters… I think “widget” is my new favorite word. I don’t know why, it just rules.
That being said, I totally have a sweet widget for you to use if you feel like representing for me!

“What is a widget” you ask?

Well, a widget is like a super-high-tech banner. It features my music video and also has links to my blogs, photos, store, website, as well as a sweet spaceship-navigation panel. If you click on random stuff it will take you random places (ie. a click on one of the gauges will take you to Lance’s prof!). And the best thing about it is it automatically updates itself. So when I post a new music video for example (hint hint… coming soon!) it will automatically change on the widget (since removed).

Thankyou so much for reppin’ me!
I love you all lots!
And I wanted to do an extra shout out to those who have stood up for me when someone writes me a lousy comment! I read those sometimes and it bums me out. But I get super stoked and warm inside when other people stand up for me. Thankyou! You know who you are I’m sure :)


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