Lil’ Mo Dissmisses Christina Aguilera Diss

Contributed by Comics:

Lil’ Mo wrote on her website today and talked about dissing Chritina Aguilera. She said, “Hey Y’all, it’s ya girl Lil Meezy checkin’ in with ya. All is well with me and the family and in case y’all didn’t know, I am on the Rock the Mic tour. It is OFF the Chains so if we come to your city and you get the chance please come thru and check it out, you will not be disappointed. Last but not least, I would like to dispel any RUMORS you guys have been hearing about a so-called dis to Christina Aguilera. That is totally untrue, and all my TRUE fans know that I don’t get down like that. My words were taken completely out of context. I would NEVER disrespect X-Tina, because she is dong her thing and I am doing mine. Thanks for holding me down y’all, until the next time. Love ya and hope to see you soon. FYI: Heaven is walking, climbing up and down the stairs, she is ALL over the place.”

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