Lillix Are Back With Britt Black On Guitar

checked in with fans on their blog at MySpace (@lillix) on Sunday (March 15) after a tremendous amount of band turnover since their 2006 sophomore release ‘Inside the Hollow’. The Canadian pop rock group tell readers:

We are back. There is a lot to tell you!

We have a new guitar player, we’d like to welcome Britt Black to Lillix. You might know her from Liveonrelease, Bif N*ked, and/or her solo stuff. We’re really excited to be a full band again.

We have a new website coming in a couple weeks. We’re excited about it as well.

We have new pictures, check them out.

We are now on Facebook. Search “lillix” and you’ll find us.

We are now on twitter.

We are recording a new single.

We have some shows coming up.

It’s great to be back!

Note: The Bif band unfortunately had to be censored to avoid triggering Google’s SafeSearch image filter.

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