Lillix Frustrated By Stereotypes About Girl Groups

bassist Louise Burns spoke with Ryan Allen of Get Real Detroit and asked what frustrates them most as a band. “It’s pretty frustrating when someone comes to the show and expects to see us lip sync and not play our instruments,” Burns said. “I think music is coming to its lowest point ever when people can’t understand what a fu*king band is anymore. People are like, ‘Oh they’re girls. They must not play their own instruments.’ I mean, what the fu** is that? It’s sexism and it’s wrong. I think when they come to our live shows it changes their mind.”

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2 thoughts on “Lillix Frustrated By Stereotypes About Girl Groups

  1. MusicFreak8181 says:

    maybe I’m wrong… but since when was “sexism” a word… I thought it was “sexist”

  2. kiki says:

    Then they should tell the same people that cause this so-called Stereotype.

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