Lily Allen Discusses Dating Difficulties, Paparazzi Hatred

Christine Sams of The Age spoke with on the British singer songwriter’s promotional trip through Australia, where she talked about the difficulties of dating while in a new city every day. “I don’t really get the chance, to be honest,” Allen said. “I’m like here for three days, in the next place for three days and I’m definitely not a one-night-stand kind of person. I like to get to know somebody and I don’t really get the opportunity when I’m travelling like this.”

Allen also discussed her disdain for the paparazzi who constantly give her chase. “It’s funny ’cause I don’t read those gossip magazines and the tabloids – I do when I come across them in the back of cabs or in the doctor’s or something but I get upset because I always look really grumpy and they’re not very flattering pictures,” she explained. “That’s because I don’t like being chased by photographers. I mean, yeah, get a picture of me at the airport holding a pillow up in front of my face. People are like, ‘She thinks she’s a superstar or something.’ But I’m like, ‘I don’t, I just hate fu**ing photographers.'”

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