Lily Allen Downplays Behavior At GQ Awards

updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@lilymusic) on Friday (September 5), reacting to the criticism she received for being drunk and insulting at the GQ Awards earlier this week. Lily writes:

and I are friends. I was honored when Elton asked me to present the GQ Awards with him this year in association with Elton’s AIDS foundation. Not only was it for a good cause but who would say no to Elton.

I’m not defending my drunkenness because I don’t need to, I’m 23 it was an awards ceremony I drank the free champagne, how awful of me.

Trying to create a feud on the other hand, and trying to make me out as being some rude little girl with a drink problem is just unfair, Elton and I exchanged jokes and there were no hard feelings at all, in fact neither of us gave it a second thought. It’s sad that an evening enjoyed by all had to ruined by some bitter journos again.

Alfie and Jamie had never been engaged, Jamie and I are the best of friends and I was just winding Alfie up, he’s my little brother and that’s what siblings do. Jamie wasn’t pissed off with me, if she was I would have known about it, believe me.

This isn’t meant to be a place for me to respond to journalists, but I am very grateful I have this page, if I didn’t then I would have absolutely no voice when it comes to this stuff.

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