Lily Allen Explains Her ‘Womanizer’ Cover

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@lilymusic) on Tuesday (December 16), discussing her cover of the Britney Spears release ‘Womanizer’, which Mark Ronson played on his East Village Radio program last week. The British pop singer tells readers:


The caps lock thingy is broken on my keyboard! I’m going away on holiday on Saturday and won’t be blogging for two weeks so this will be my last blog of 2008. I’m putting up the fear (my new single) on the player now, I hope you all enjoy it.

Now some of you may be wondering why I covered “Womanizer”, simple really, I love Britney and I love the song, it wasn’t my intention for it to have whizzed round the world like it has, Mark Ronson asked me for something no one had heard to play on his radio show and ‘Womanizer’ was the only song I had as an attachment on my Blackberry and I couldn’t get home to send him anything else in time. I had asked him to talk all over it so it wouldn’t get ripped, but he didn’t, thanks Mark for getting me in serious trouble with my record company.

Here is a little film that my friend Rob made [Lily has since removed the video], I thought it was quite Christmassy, my other friend Robbie made the music, he’s in a band called ‘The Big Pink’. It was all shot on the day of my album cover shoot, I hope you enjoy it, see you next year, I am so excited, everything seems to be falling into place and I couldn’t be happier. Touch wood. Merry Christmas my lovelies, Lily x xx

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