Lily Allen Isn’t A Fan Of Celebrity Culture And Consumerism

talked with ITN while promoting her sophomore album ‘It’s Not Me, It’s You’ and its first single ‘The Fear’ in Germany, where the British singer songwriter talked about her displeasure with the way the world has become so obsessed with celebrity culture and consumerism, why she’s stopped blogging on her MySpace page, and getting intimidated working with people she doesn’t know since she’s not very confident in regards to her talent.

“The song is all about not really liking the way that the world has become so obsessed with celebrity culture and aesthetic beauty and money and consumerism,” Lily explained about ‘The Fear’. “Yeah, I’m a little pop star consumer.”

On going cold turkey when it comes to sharing her thoughts on MySpace, Lily said, “I have stopped blogging so much recently, just because I can’t be bothered with the onslaught of negative press that comes with it all the time. When I’m on tour and not in England, it’s mainly bad when I’m in London and I read it all. If I’m away and busy, I don’t really care then.”

Watch the report below.

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