Lily Allen Staying At The Chateau Marmont Hotel

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@lilymusic) on Monday (June 9), having arrived in Los Angeles over the weekend to work on her second album. “We were staying in these serviced apartments, that the label had put us in,” Lily writes, “But it was a basement flat and the door was flimsy and it smelled gross and we just didn’t feel safe there. Now I’m no diva but I am here for three weeks, so we checked in to my favorite hotel The Chateau Marmont. Now I’ve never stayed in the room that I’m in before but rumor has it John Belushi died in here, I’m going to try and channel his Blues Brothers don – ness and get it on my album, maybe I’ll write a song from his viewpoint, about the last few hours of his life, rumor also has it the last people to visit him here were Robin (not to be confused with Robbie) Williams and Robert DeNiro. Spooky Huh?”

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